SunnyvaleNeighborhoods is the umbrella organization for the officers of Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations. SunnyvaleNeighborhoods meets quarterly. The organization enables neighborhood association leaders to meet, exchange ideas, and hear about what is going on in Sunnyvale. It provides opportunities to meet with city officials and greatly enhances local neighborhood activities.


Membership in Sunnyvale Neighborhoods is open to:

  • Chairpersons and key officers of Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations
  • Any Sunnyvale resident actively interested in forming a neighborhood association where there is none
  • Sunnyvale City Council Members
  • Third parties having a close association with Sunnyvale Neighborhoods and approved by the Sunnyvale Neighborhoods leadership

If you meet these requirements and wish to join us please click the button below:

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When you join you will be added to the Sunnyvale Neighborhoods Yahoo Group, Sunnyvale Neighborhoods Yahoo Group, which is our major means of communication among our members.

This site and the associated Yahoo Group are meant to be apolitical and friendly. The intent of the Sunnyvale Neighborhoods is to share information and build community. We are about having fun in our neighborhoods and promoting the general welfare. Our main objective is for everyone to get to know their neighbors. Posting notices about Sunnyvale events of general interest is encouraged. Highly politicized and anti-city messages will be removed at the discretion of the moderators. Post your political messages on Sunnyvale Politics. Membership in this Group implies acceptance of these conditions.


Next Meeting - Feb 1, 2016

Happy New Year, everyone! Our next quarterly meeting will be held Monday, February 1st in the Neighborhood Room of the Community Center, 7:00-8:30 p.m. The Sunnyvale Community Center is located at 550 E. Remington Drive. The meeting is in the "Recreation Center" building to the right of the Senior Center.


  • 7:00 Welcome - Reid Myers
  • 7:05 Sunnyvale City Update
    • Mayor Glenn Hendricks
    • Vice Mayor Gustav Larsson
  • 7:45 Wolfe Road Recycled Water Update - Kristen Yasukawa
  • 8:05 Age Friendly Cities - Anabel Pelhan
  • 8:25 Wrap up
  • 8:30 Adjourn

Glenn Hendricks (left picture), our new Sunnyale Mayor, and Gustav Larsson (right picture), our new Sunnyvale Vice Mayor, will tell us what they expect for the year to come. Glenn says, "2016 is going to be an exciting year!" "We just had an all-day Priority Strategy session." "We can talk about that and then leave time for questions." "We find people want to ask us things, more so than just us talking". They will likely tell us more about the Civic Center and the city center plus topics of their own.

Kristen Yasukawa, District Communications Unit, Santa Clara Valley Water District, will provide an update on the the Wolfe Road Recycled Water Facilities project. This project is nearing construction and the Santa Clara Water Districts now has a better idea of what residents should expect during construction, such as lane closures and detour routes for cars and bikes. Some of the project managers will be in attendance to answer questions and let us know what to expect.

Anabel Pelhan, Ph.D who is working on a project to encourage and support the transition to age-friendly cities, qualifying Santa Clara County as part of the World Health Organization's Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities. An age-friendly city adapts its structures and services to be accessible to and inclusive of older people with varying needs.

Anabel Pelham, PhD is Director of Institute on Gerontology at San Francisco State University. She has presented and published widely in the field. Her newest co-edited monograph: Promoting Health and Wellness in Underserved Communities is forthcoming. Dr. Pelham is the founding Director of the Gerontology Program at SFSU, wherein she served 15 years as department chair. Dr. Pelham’s current interests include international aging, community-based health and human services, wellness and spirituality in aging.


The Sunnyvale SNAP (Sunnyvale Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) organization is making a special effort to organize all SNAP trained individuals throughout the city to better disseminate information and serve the community. The current citywide SNAP project involves forming small SNAP groups along streets and in small neighborhood areas consisting of about 20 residences. This is a huge project and could mean as many as 2500 SNAP groups in Sunnyvale. SNAP is now training SNAP Captains to organize these neighborhood groups. SNAP is a wonderful program! In the event of a major earthquake, it has the potential to save many lives.

If you would like to become involved, and we encourage you to do so. Don't be bashful. If you care for your family, children, and neighbors, just go ahead and start a small group — You can study up later. This is a massive project that is best done bottom up — just do it! Determine that you are interested, contact Robert Locke. A training video is available for you.

Ths regular SNAP course for residents is going on right now. To assist anyone who is interested and has not attended a SNAP course, click on "SNAP" in the menu at the top of this page and it will take you to a web page where all of the information on the SNAP training CD has been reproduced. Don't wait for an invite, start reading it now. Just the first lesson could save your life.

Robert Locke is the SNAP Liaison Officer to the Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations, SNAP will be concentrating their efforts in District 3 first. (SNAP districts are based on Sunnyvale fire districts and may contain several neighborhood associations.)

Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations

There are 26 Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations. Neighborhood associations encourage their neighborhood residents to meet each other, improve neighborhood safety, and enhance neighborhood pride. Many individual neighborhood associations maintain their own Yahoo Group, mailing List, and web page. Sunnyvale maintains a web page for all neighborhood associations, Sunnyvale Neighborhood Associations . There you can link to a list of neighborhood associations and a map.

Many local associations, e.g. Cherryhill, require that you live within their association boundaries to join. Other associations may accept you if you live nearby. Association contact information is under the Contacts menu at the top of this page. In order to receive Sunnyvale neighborhoods information while you are an outsider, it is suggested that you join Sunnyvale Cafe for similar information. It is suggested that leaders of existing Sunnyvale neighborhood associations cross-post information of general interest to Sunnyvale Café.

New Neighborhood Associations

If you live in Sunnyvale but do not live in an existing neighborhood association, you should consider forming a new neighborhood association. You can look at the neighborhood association map . It will show if you already live in a neighborhood association or will show you that you need to form one. Smaller Neighborhood Associations can be formed within the boundaries of the Sunnyvale West Associaton which is very large. Talk to your neighbors and we are sure you will quickly find someone who is chomping at the bit to help form a neighborhood association. The formation of new neighborhood associations is encouraged. It's easy. It's very rewarding.


At the present time Reid Myers, and Wayne Amacher are are sharing the coordination of Sunnyvale Neighborhoods. Send email to both of us at Duo. Reid and Wayne will share the chairing of future meetings. Reid Myers is moderating the Yahoo Group with Wayne as co-moderator. Wayne is tracking membership and maintaining the web site. Basically, we two are working together to improve and grow the organization. Nathan Truitt of the Sunnyvale City Manager's office is our city liasion person.

Scheduled Meetings — 2015

  • 2 Mar, 7:00pm to 8:30pm - Communications,Civic Center Renovation, Reading Partners

  • Sep, 7:00pm to 8:30pm - Sister City, Energize Sunnyvale Campaign, City Center Update, VTA-Envision Silicon Valley

  • Nov, 7:00pm to 8:30pm - TBA

To maximize attendance the actual dates of the meetings will be determined by:

  • Avoiding busy months such as November and December
  • Consideration of Spring Breaks for the two school districts in Sunnyvale so that those weeks can be avoided
  • Timing of holidays and events such as Chinese New Year’s and Monday Night Football will be considered
  • June and July will be avoided because they are popular months for vacations

You are welcome to contact Reid and Wayne at Duo with your inputs on the best dates and with suggestions for future meeting topics.